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Project Description
Technobabble is a chat application based on XMPP. The first step is to create a library which shall be used by the client (second step) as well as the server (third step). The focus lies on stability and simplicity (especially regarding code stucture and usability of the client).

Some more details
This project is also a learning project for me. The goal is to create a XMPP application with basic features and learning en passent
  • the C# language
  • using Visual Studio with different project types (encapsuled in one solution)
  • how to work in an Open Source Community (with Codeplex )

Although this is my first big Project in C# it is not my first piece software. I work as developer and want to acheive high quality standards in this project, which shall be realised through:
  • be close to the standard (RFC)
  • Coding Guidelines
  • writing test cases for most classes (with NUnit)
  • make use of class diagrams and other UML diagrams where apropriate
  • extensive documentation (in english language)
  • last but not least: publishing the source code as an open source project ;)

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